Schoolboy Errors – Common Mistakes of SEO

In SEO it is a very dynamic and difficult field, to ensure you make the most of your time do not make these common mistakes outlined below.
Number One, you need to think about where your traffic is coming from? Are you thinking? Well if you are you have probably thought about the fact that a large percentage of it will be coming from mobile devices. A lot of businesses still conduct SEO without even thinking about mobile devices and incorporating that into their SEO strategy. Around 40% of visitors online browse through a mobile device. With google releasing mobile specific algorithms to track specific website performance it is important for businesses to shed the idea that everyone is still on desktop computers and it would be ignorant of them not to do so. Another common mistake is having inefficient website structure. Many businesses naturally develop their website structure over time without any real strategy or SEO logic. After years of adding categories, information pages and product line, the result is an uneven, bloated site structure that stops users from migrating easily, this is a mistake that more than 80 percent of businesses make as they develop into seasoned online retailers.
Furthermore, so many stakeholders still set poor objectives that are based on simplistic metrics such as rankings. A great SEO campaign will be broken down into quarterly sections that have objectives set each quarter depending on the maturity of the campaign. Less of a mistake but more advice would be…. DO NOT forget to integrate google search console (webmaster tools), many internal dev teams spend lots and lots of man hours developing and cutting edge functionality for destination sites but unfortunately forget to integrate the search console tag. Without this, SEO critical updates cannot be carried out and google cannot notify webmaster of issues with the sites. Another thing about sight migration on google is that you need to notify them. Sites are migrated onto new domains, or re-launched on a new platform with new url’s and the relevant notifications and redirect are not carried out. But, when new locations are made for the urls 301 redirects are not put in place for users to continue to arrive to their desired destination within the website, when a site is migrated onto a new domain google should be notified using the change of address tool. It would be a much better use of your time if you were to invest your efforts into building the content and appearance of your website and leave a Web Design Preston ┬ácompany look after the SEO aspect, because at the end of the day whats the use of the best SEO in the world if the traffic is going to an undesirable destination.

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