When Should You Replace Your Old Boiler?

If you’re wondering when’s the best time to get a boiler installed, read on!

When it’s hot and you’re dressed in shorts and t-shirt, ice cream in hand, paddling pool in the back garden, the last thing on your mind is the central heating, and more importantly, your boiler. However, the summer is actually the best time for you to replace your boiler for many different reasons, as we see below.

Engineers are busiest in the winter

This is because everyone else remembers that suddenly, should their boiler break down in the winter they’re going to be in a pickle. It’s also true that people don’t really use their boilers as much in the summer, and when they need to put the heating on and it doesn’t work – that’s when the emergency callouts start.

While the boiler is installed you won’t feel the effects

If you’re relying on the heating being on when you book your engineer to come round, you’re in for a shock! Obviously the boiler is not going to be on while the engineer is fixing or replacing it, so if it’s cold outside you’re going to feel it. Book your boiler replacement for a hot sunny day and you won’t even notice.

There won’t be any urgency

If your boiler does break down in winter and you are without heat and hot water. You’ll be desperate for an engineer – any engineer – to come round and sort you out. You won’t be able to make an educated decision on which firm or boiler you would like. Making a rash decision could have repercussions in the future. If you plan ahead and choose your boiler and installation engineer well in advance you can take your time and make an informed decision.

Peace of mind

You can be sure that, should you get your boiler sorted in the summer months, come winter you can rest assured your boiler is not going to break down, or at least there is less chance of your boiler breaking down. There’s also your boiler guarantee that should cover you for a few years, and if you have subscribed to a service plan you’ll be top priority should anything bad happen to your boiler.

If you’re looking to replace your boiler, or feel it could be due a service, contact Booths Gas Services for a boiler quote in Preston. You’ll be glad you did!

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