Picking Your Domain Name

Finding the right domain name can be a very tricky thing to do. It can also determine the success or downright failure of your online presence. You really do need to consider the following:

Is it highly brand-able?
Does it have hyphens and numbers? Are they necessary?
Is it easily associated with your product or service?
Does it contain your primary keywords?
Is it short and memorable? If it is, you don’t need the keywords.
If you’re a big company, do you need a different domain name in other languages to cater to your overseas clientele?

Upon selecting your desired domain name, you must check first whether it’s available then you must get it registered. Once that’s completed you can look for a reliable host for your need to register it with the help of a third party company who’ll do it for you. If you have a global market then you should probably register as a .com. However, if you cant, it would be better to register as a good and strong .net or .org rather than a long and unmemorable .com. For your domain, we recommend installing some analytics such as Google Analytics. Before you start marketing you can see what keywords you rank for. It’s easier to rank for related keywords than it is for completely new ones. When algorithms change, do not do what a substantial portion of those invested in SEO do, don’t panic and change things right away, sometimes your rankings will go up with change and sometimes they’ll drop, maybe even no change at all. However, search algorithms are still in their infancy so as you learn more about what SEO is and how it integrates into the web, you should be able to increase your income and social reach significantly, while also having that proud feeling when you rank higher than your competitors on Web Design Preston.

Since we’re already here and on the topic of registering and domains, we think it would be wise to register your domain with major directories. These can differ between which field you specialise in. Try to register with about 6-7 general directories if you’re trying to target google, however, if you’re targeting other search engines and you don’t mind leaving google till further down the line then we recommend going for about 20-30 general directories. Then register with a couple of local or niche directories, specific directories are findable through search engines, but before you spend money on them you need to ensure they provide static links.

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