Search Engine Optimisation Hints, Tips and Tricks

Make the website about one thing.

It can be about other stuff, too, but choose one primary topic that is most essential to your message. This step is important, so you may want to do a little Keyword research before choosing a topic.

Link to internal pages on your site.

A lot of content management systems automatically do this, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll want to be intentional about linking to your most important pages directly from your homepage and cross-linking them with each other.

Remove anything that slows down your website.

These may including music players, large images, flash graphics, and unnecessary plugins.

Use keywords in your images.

Include words that reflect your site topic in the image title, description.

Also, re-title the file name if it doesn’t reflect your main keywords (e.g. writing-tips.jpg instead of d1234.jpg).

Link to other websites with relevant content.

You can do this by including a blogroll, link list, or resources page on your website.

Of course, do it sparingly, as each outbound link is a “vote” for another site. However, if you do it well and people click your links, this tells search engines you are a trusted authority on your particular topic.

Update your website frequently.

Sites with dynamic content often rank higher than those with static content. That’s why blogs and directories (like Wikipedia) do so well on search engines. They are constantly being updated with new content.

Make sure your website is indexed in search engines.

A lot of search engines will automatically find and index your content, but don’t count on it.

You want to be sure engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are crawling your site, so that people are finding you online. (You can add them directly, if they’re not.)

10. Have other websites link to you.

This is really, really important, when it comes to SEO Preston. The bummer is that it’s not something you can necessarily control. Other than creating excellent content, the only thing you can do is ask (which occasionally works).

My counsel is to spend the time you would trying to convince somebody to link to you on just writing great content. And, start guest posting on other blogs.

Regardless of what you do, know that inbound links are essential to SEO.

Stop changing your domain name.

The age of your url is a factor in your site’s search ranking, so be patient.

If you’re launching a new blog every six months, you’ll never see your site get the value it deserves.

Write like a human.

None of the above matters if you create content that sounds like a robot wrote it.Write great stuff, follow the steps above, have patience, and you’ll see results.


Picking Your Domain Name

Finding the right domain name can be a very tricky thing to do. It can also determine the success or downright failure of your online presence. You really do need to consider the following:

Is it highly brand-able?
Does it have hyphens and numbers? Are they necessary?
Is it easily associated with your product or service?
Does it contain your primary keywords?
Is it short and memorable? If it is, you don’t need the keywords.
If you’re a big company, do you need a different domain name in other languages to cater to your overseas clientele?

Upon selecting your desired domain name, you must check first whether it’s available then you must get it registered. Once that’s completed you can look for a reliable host for your need to register it with the help of a third party company who’ll do it for you. If you have a global market then you should probably register as a .com. However, if you cant, it would be better to register as a good and strong .net or .org rather than a long and unmemorable .com. For your domain, we recommend installing some analytics such as Google Analytics. Before you start marketing you can see what keywords you rank for. It’s easier to rank for related keywords than it is for completely new ones. When algorithms change, do not do what a substantial portion of those invested in SEO do, don’t panic and change things right away, sometimes your rankings will go up with change and sometimes they’ll drop, maybe even no change at all. However, search algorithms are still in their infancy so as you learn more about what SEO is and how it integrates into the web, you should be able to increase your income and social reach significantly, while also having that proud feeling when you rank higher than your competitors on Web Design Preston.

Since we’re already here and on the topic of registering and domains, we think it would be wise to register your domain with major directories. These can differ between which field you specialise in. Try to register with about 6-7 general directories if you’re trying to target google, however, if you’re targeting other search engines and you don’t mind leaving google till further down the line then we recommend going for about 20-30 general directories. Then register with a couple of local or niche directories, specific directories are findable through search engines, but before you spend money on them you need to ensure they provide static links.

4 handy tips for crafting the perfect CTA

How effective is the call to action (CTA) on your webpage? Does it have a high click-through rate, or do visitors to your site have a tendency to ignore it?

Every site, even if it isn’t sales-based, needs at least one CTA. Whether it’s to encourage customers to buy a certain product, sign up to a newsletter or use a particular service, all websites are built for a specific reason. A well-placed CTA with a clear instruction shows your site’s visitors what the ultimate goal of the webpage is, telling them what action they should take next.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind if you want to create a CTA that will convert more of your site’s visitors into customers.

Treat your webpage like an advert

Think of your webpage as an advert directing site visitors towards the CTA. Start by demonstrating how your company can offer the solution to issues that potential clients and customers may be having. Next, discuss the benefits of your product or service and give them a reason to click on the CTA.

Use strong action words

Use strong action words that will encourage visitors on your site to follow the CTA. Whether it’s ‘buy now’, ‘call now’ or ‘sign up’, remember that the purpose of a CTA is to instruct someone to do something. Something conducted brilliantly by Digital Marketing Preston Companies.

Make it stand out

Potential clients and customers need to be able to spot the CTA straightaway, so making it stand out on the webpage is essential. Its position will affect people’s response to it; for instance, will you add it on a separate line after your main body of text, or right at the top of your homepage? It should be prominently placed for maximum visibility.

Another important consideration is the CTA’s design. A button that contrasts with the main background colour of your webpage will likely catch the eye of your site’s visitors.

Keep it short

A concise CTA delivers a clear message, showing potential customers exactly what they need to do next.

Key takeaways

  • – Every website should have a CTA that instructs its visitors to take action
  • – It needs to be concise with a clear message
  • – Your webpage needs to show potential customers how they could benefit by following the CTA

The Relationship Between SEO & Social and The Misconceptions

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is probably one of the most misunderstood marketing practices today. From keywords to algorithms, understanding what SEO actually is can be not only a time-consuming and complex undertaking for most marketing experts even, not to mention social media marketers who are new to the field. What keywords work best? How many links should I use? You might have a lot of questions, but the bottom line is this: SEO is about getting your content seen by people, but not by anyone, to be seen but the right people.

Although Google suggests social signals do not impact rankings, one can draw correlations between top-performing social content and top performing content on the web with the common denominator being quality content. Content shared on social that receives lots of shares, likes, and comments will likely get similar engagement metrics that lend themselves to Google’s authority signals, and in turn positively impact your rankings. That said our team recommends social media managers ensure they aren’t creating social media plans with the exclusive intent of improving rankings. Instead, it should be understood that SEO and social media work together as part of an overall marketing plan to boost engagement and improve reach. A solid social media presence, combined with valuable content and community building, work together to contribute to increasing brand awareness, website traffic, and improved social customer service.southport-web-design

As the connection between social media and SEO content is key for marketing success, social media managers need to be strategic about the type of content they share. Instead of sharing only new content, analyze the performance of your past work and recognize what is bringing the most traffic to your site. What kind of content is driving the most traffic? What is getting shared the most? What are the most popular topics and themes your audience engages with? These are all questions social media managers need to consider when deciding what content they will focus on sharing through their online channels. 4. Not keeping up with SEO advancements
SEO has greatly evolved over the last 10 years, but not all marketers have been able to keep up. An example of this is the practice of keyword stuffing. A very popular practice at the beginning of SEO’s evolution, keyword stuffing is when content on a web page is “stuffed” or loaded with keywords. Not only does it look ridiculous a
nd lower the credibility of your content, it can get you hit with a manual or algorithmic suspension, which is hard to work back from. With search results more personalized than ever, marketers need to make the connections between their content and the target audience. Google modifies their rankings to choose the most relevant content based on an individual’s search history, which means that authority, keyword matching, freshness, and engagement become even more important. Avoid the hassle completely and get Web Design Southport to do it for you.

This fast-changing technology means marketers and social media managers need to stay on top of developments and adjust their content creation and promotion strategy accordingly. We hope you have taken something from this advice and that you do with it what you please and it works out beneficial. If you have liked this article please leave a comment down below.

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Schoolboy Errors – Common Mistakes of SEO

In SEO it is a very dynamic and difficult field, to ensure you make the most of your time do not make these common mistakes outlined below.
Number One, you need to think about where your traffic is coming from? Are you thinking? Well if you are you have probably thought about the fact that a large percentage of it will be coming from mobile devices. A lot of businesses still conduct SEO without even thinking about mobile devices and incorporating that into their SEO strategy. Around 40% of visitors online browse through a mobile device. With google releasing mobile specific algorithms to track specific website performance it is important for businesses to shed the idea that everyone is still on desktop computers and it would be ignorant of them not to do so. Another common mistake is having inefficient website structure. Many businesses naturally develop their website structure over time without any real strategy or SEO logic. After years of adding categories, information pages and product line, the result is an uneven, bloated site structure that stops users from migrating easily, this is a mistake that more than 80 percent of businesses make as they develop into seasoned online retailers.
Furthermore, so many stakeholders still set poor objectives that are based on simplistic metrics such as rankings. A great SEO campaign will be broken down into quarterly sections that have objectives set each quarter depending on the maturity of the campaign. Less of a mistake but more advice would be…. DO NOT forget to integrate google search console (webmaster tools), many internal dev teams spend lots and lots of man hours developing and cutting edge functionality for destination sites but unfortunately forget to integrate the search console tag. Without this, SEO critical updates cannot be carried out and google cannot notify webmaster of issues with the sites. Another thing about sight migration on google is that you need to notify them. Sites are migrated onto new domains, or re-launched on a new platform with new url’s and the relevant notifications and redirect are not carried out. But, when new locations are made for the urls 301 redirects are not put in place for users to continue to arrive to their desired destination within the website, when a site is migrated onto a new domain google should be notified using the change of address tool. It would be a much better use of your time if you were to invest your efforts into building the content and appearance of your website and leave a Web Design Preston  company look after the SEO aspect, because at the end of the day whats the use of the best SEO in the world if the traffic is going to an undesirable destination.

Negative SEO: Real?

Does negative SEO exist or not? Is the question on everyone’s lips of late, this may be because you’ve noticed a drop in your position on the search engines, you’re worried about the possibility that this perhaps mythical beast is the reason as to why? The reason we do not say its impossible and harsh terms such as this is because over the years we have seen people do crazy things to hijack domains. More people actually discuss negative SEO than attempt it under a sort of controlled experiment due to the fact that no one really knows what effect it will have. Who is to say pointing a few links to a site would help it instead of hurting it.
However, if there is a site where you are worried negative SEO may be occurring it is easy to disavow any links you want if you use Googles Webmaster Tools. You can even sort to see the most recent links if this has occurred relatively recently. The primary usage of the disavow tool is so that sites can disavow bad links to the site itself and cant get removed from the internet but the tool also works fine to stop links that your worried might be spam.
Most do not focus on negative SEO because obviously it is not known or determinable what effect it may have so your time is better spent focusing on your own website, but for SEO to be successful it takes time and dedication and patience. Alternatively you could hire a Webdesign Preston company who are experts in SEO who will do all he work for you! We hope this advice was useful, please read our other articles to better your web understanding!

The link between responsive web design and content

These days you can guarantee that a large percentage of visitors to your website are accessing it via a mobile phone or tablet device. Technology is constantly changing and how people interact with technology changes even faster.

This is why responsive web design has become ever more important to web design companies because it allows a website to be accessible, and more importantly readable, on a variety of devices.

Desktops, tablets, mobile phones and even home consoles now have to be considered when designing a page so that there is a level of consistancy throughout the devices.

One of the major things that people often forget about when designing a site that is consistant throughout the different devices is the content. Content and responsive design should go hand in hand because the content visable from the start of browsing on a desktop will be completely different to whats there on a mobile.

The main thing to think about is the fact that there will be hiarchy of the content. Some content needs to be seen more than others and therefore will be buried if its not towards the top of the page. The information you need the visitor to see first needs to be clear and at the top of the page on all devices, including those with much smaller screens. There also has to be a balance ofcalls to actions and content. Users need to have significant information as well as options to redirect to other pages and sites.

Content also needs to be broken up into consise informaiton, allowing the reader to take in their information they need in chunks. The hiarchy mentioned above means nothing if you overload the user with the important information all at once and dont allow them to process it properly. There needs to be a mix of text, photos, videos, infographics etc and there needs to be breaks in each of these.

Breaking up the content vertically is a proven technique and allows users to go through each section on the same page flicking the content box sideways. It alludes to ease of mobile friendly users and allows for a better user experience so they feel more comfortable chosing the company to do business with/buy from.

Getting the attitude right is the prerequisite for responsive website designing. Content should not be considered as an add-on responsibility that the development team needs to fulfill at a later point. Correct content and responsive design planning can actually play a crucial role in a company’s success in the long run.

Boosting eCommerce prospects through design

Smart design is all about understanding the industry and what it wants at any given time. This can change drastically from year to year so its best to keep up to date with all the trends in the web design industry so you know what will work for you.

Boosting your eCommerce prospects is obviously the ultimate goal of any website supporting eCommerce. You want to make money for your business and you want the website to help with this. These are the trends that a lot of design companies are now using to help achieve this goal so you know what to look out for.

First of all you should noticed that flat design is in. What do we mean by flat design? Well this design method uses a series of simple colours, shapes and lines to create something thats smooth and clear to navigate. Its minimalist in appearance and often uses whites and greys well with small amounts of colour to train the eye of the user. This has been developed further through something called material design. Its flat design with additional colours to enhance users to shop. There is a lot of psychology involved with this and its been found that oranges and reds are known to  prompt purchases from website users.

Within the trend for flat design is the trend for minimalist buttons. These are things like ghost buttons that can be used for any type of button and any type of action; browsing, shopping, sharing etc. They don’t interrupt the overall design of the page and they are perfect for sleek, uninterrupted layouts on your site.

Full page background images are also very prominent in web design these days. Used well they blend into the shopping experience and help allow the site to look and feel less cluttered. HD images that blend well with your website niche will be the thing you want from your web design company so make sure you get it.

Mobile optimisation is something that needs to be carried out on all sites, regardless of whether they are eCommerce based or not, but its vital that eCommerce sites work well on tablets and mobiles because around half of your customers will be visiting the site on these devices.

Card design is nothing new but its being used more because of how well it works for mobile optimisation. This allows for small bits of information about a product to be shown in an almost business card type way, alongside an image and some buttons (read more, buy, options etc) and its an easy way for people to find what they need quickly and effectively.


These trends will help boost your eCommerce prospects so make sure any web design company you use can help implement these, or look out for them on the portfolio of shortlisted web design companies when you are looking out for one.

What to look for in a web design company

Looking for a web design company can be a pretty terrifying experience. Due to how huge the web has become web design companies have popped up here, there and everywhere and its pretty difficult to find the best one for you from a quick google search.

Chances are you will have to go and visit a few web design companies, or arrange for them to come and visit you at your office. Even once you have done this it can be hard to determine who is the best person for the job without asking the right questions.

However asking the right questions is linked to knowing the right information and lets face it, if you knew the right answers then you could potentially be doing the site yourself. What we want to let you know is what you want from a web designer and what to ask to find out if they will give you it.

Most web design companies will have a web designer and a developer working for them. There is a difference between these two roles and the main thing is that a designer will work with you to choose colours, branding/logos, discuss layouts and create mockups. They will also be knowledgable about concepts like calls to action, organising content and setting out layouts to meet set goals for your site. A developer is the person who will then use those mockups to build the working website, they can also add functionality to an existing website and help with troubleshooting. Designers often have some of the skills developers do and vice versa so you might want to clarify with your chosen company who will be doing what if you are interested.

One of the things you have to consider once you have narrowed down your option of a few website design companies is if you like the look of websites that the company has designed before and if those designs will fit in with what you want. If there is a huge range of designs and a few of them stand out to you it might be that one particular designer within the company will work best for you, don’t be scared to ask who that is and if they will be available to work on your website.

You have to ask how much upkeep your website will need following its completion and if this will be possible to do yourself. If you have no idea about websites and what is involved then you will need to consider hiring the company for web maintenance services following on from the completion and you should get the breakdown of costs for this also.

You should receive files from the web design company following completion of the design, ask what files you will receive and what you will have ownership of. If the company is rebranding your business then you should receive editable versions of your logo and any premium fonts or photos/graphics used in the design of the site.

Also you want to consider the future of your business and what changes you may need down the line on your website. You need to ask questions regarding revisions, like if the designer will be available for them if needed and how much these will cost. You hire a company with a set plan and if there are additions to this down the line then you have to know what that will cost you, but bear in mind that the rates change over time and if you’re asking for new pages to be added to your site two years down the line the rate you were quoted at first may have increased since you got the quote.

Finally you want to obviously go with the best value for money but this doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest option. If there is a company offered substantially less than others then its likely there may be a reason for that and it could be that their service isn’t as good. Some companies have their own content and marketing person to help enhance the website content and help get the website seen by the right people and while this could cost slightly more, it will be worth it in the long run as its more likely your website will succeed.