Negative SEO: Real?

Does negative SEO exist or not? Is the question on everyone’s lips of late, this may be because you’ve noticed a drop in your position on the search engines, you’re worried about the possibility that this perhaps mythical beast is the reason as to why? The reason we do not say its impossible and harsh terms such as this is because over the years we have seen people do crazy things to hijack domains. More people actually discuss negative SEO than attempt it under a sort of controlled experiment due to the fact that no one really knows what effect it will have. Who is to say pointing a few links to a site would help it instead of hurting it.
However, if there is a site where you are worried negative SEO may be occurring it is easy to disavow any links you want if you use Googles Webmaster Tools. You can even sort to see the most recent links if this has occurred relatively recently. The primary usage of the disavow tool is so that sites can disavow bad links to the site itself and cant get removed from the internet but the tool also works fine to stop links that your worried might be spam.
Most do not focus on negative SEO because obviously it is not known or determinable what effect it may have so your time is better spent focusing on your own website, but for SEO to be successful it takes time and dedication and patience. Alternatively you could hire a Webdesign Preston company who are experts in SEO who will do all he work for you! We hope this advice was useful, please read our other articles to better your web understanding!

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