What to look for in a web design company

Looking for a web design company can be a pretty terrifying experience. Due to how huge the web has become web design companies have popped up here, there and everywhere and its pretty difficult to find the best one for you from a quick google search.

Chances are you will have to go and visit a few web design companies, or arrange for them to come and visit you at your office. Even once you have done this it can be hard to determine who is the best person for the job without asking the right questions.

However asking the right questions is linked to knowing the right information and lets face it, if you knew the right answers then you could potentially be doing the site yourself. What we want to let you know is what you want from a web designer and what to ask to find out if they will give you it.

Most web design companies will have a web designer and a developer working for them. There is a difference between these two roles and the main thing is that a designer will work with you to choose colours, branding/logos, discuss layouts and create mockups. They will also be knowledgable about concepts like calls to action, organising content and setting out layouts to meet set goals for your site. A developer is the person who will then use those mockups to build the working website, they can also add functionality to an existing website and help with troubleshooting. Designers often have some of the skills developers do and vice versa so you might want to clarify with your chosen company who will be doing what if you are interested.

One of the things you have to consider once you have narrowed down your option of a few website design companies is if you like the look of websites that the company has designed before and if those designs will fit in with what you want. If there is a huge range of designs and a few of them stand out to you it might be that one particular designer within the company will work best for you, don’t be scared to ask who that is and if they will be available to work on your website.

You have to ask how much upkeep your website will need following its completion and if this will be possible to do yourself. If you have no idea about websites and what is involved then you will need to consider hiring the company for web maintenance services following on from the completion and you should get the breakdown of costs for this also.

You should receive files from the web design company following completion of the design, ask what files you will receive and what you will have ownership of. If the company is rebranding your business then you should receive editable versions of your logo and any premium fonts or photos/graphics used in the design of the site.

Also you want to consider the future of your business and what changes you may need down the line on your website. You need to ask questions regarding revisions, like if the designer will be available for them if needed and how much these will cost. You hire a company with a set plan and if there are additions to this down the line then you have to know what that will cost you, but bear in mind that the rates change over time and if you’re asking for new pages to be added to your site two years down the line the rate you were quoted at first may have increased since you got the quote.

Finally you want to obviously go with the best value for money but this doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest option. If there is a company offered substantially less than others then its likely there may be a reason for that and it could be that their service isn’t as good. Some companies have their own content and marketing person to help enhance the website content and help get the website seen by the right people and while this could cost slightly more, it will be worth it in the long run as its more likely your website will succeed.


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