The link between responsive web design and content

These days you can guarantee that a large percentage of visitors to your website are accessing it via a mobile phone or tablet device. Technology is constantly changing and how people interact with technology changes even faster.

This is why responsive web design has become ever more important to web design companies because it allows a website to be accessible, and more importantly readable, on a variety of devices.

Desktops, tablets, mobile phones and even home consoles now have to be considered when designing a page so that there is a level of consistancy throughout the devices.

One of the major things that people often forget about when designing a site that is consistant throughout the different devices is the content. Content and responsive design should go hand in hand because the content visable from the start of browsing on a desktop will be completely different to whats there on a mobile.

The main thing to think about is the fact that there will be hiarchy of the content. Some content needs to be seen more than others and therefore will be buried if its not towards the top of the page. The information you need the visitor to see first needs to be clear and at the top of the page on all devices, including those with much smaller screens. There also has to be a balance ofcalls to actions and content. Users need to have significant information as well as options to redirect to other pages and sites.

Content also needs to be broken up into consise informaiton, allowing the reader to take in their information they need in chunks. The hiarchy mentioned above means nothing if you overload the user with the important information all at once and dont allow them to process it properly. There needs to be a mix of text, photos, videos, infographics etc and there needs to be breaks in each of these.

Breaking up the content vertically is a proven technique and allows users to go through each section on the same page flicking the content box sideways. It alludes to ease of mobile friendly users and allows for a better user experience so they feel more comfortable chosing the company to do business with/buy from.

Getting the attitude right is the prerequisite for responsive website designing. Content should not be considered as an add-on responsibility that the development team needs to fulfill at a later point. Correct content and responsive design planning can actually play a crucial role in a company’s success in the long run.

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