Should I have granite worktops in a small kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen you will be wanting to create a functional arrangement that makes the most of the space. Kitchens need storage, preparation areas, seating and dining areas, and room for all appliances. Fitting all this in to a small space can be problematic and requires a lot of thought and planning. Budget may also be a factor that you will need to include in your kitchen renovation.

The two main design aspects you should think about when designing a small kitchen are uniformity and simplicity. You need to think about colours and materials that you are going to use – dark colours can make a small space appear smaller, as can complicated patterns. Stick with pale and low contrast colours as these will give an illusion of space. You can also think about cabinet location. Well-placed cabinets can be great for storage and not take up valuable space that could be used for something else. We have also found that using stainless steel can reflect light and make the room look bigger.

If you have a kitchen that is tiny and also lacking light, base your entire kitchen design on a white or cream palette. If you are looking to get a granite worktop you can get these in white, cream or lighter designs. Granite is a durable, light-reflecting material that gives an elegant and luxurious feel to a kitchen. Having a white granite worktop and cream coloured cabinets will give a light, spacious and airy feel to the most cramped of kitchens. Having a tiled or laminate floor in a similar colour will add to the effect.

An advantage to having a small kitchen means you can afford more expensive materials such as quartz, granite or marble for your worktops. Granite looks absolutely stunning, even in a small space and will last a lifetime if maintained properly.

Another great tip for accentuating the space in a kitchen is having a brightly coloured piece such as a kettle, toaster or vase of flowers. It also means if you do decide you don’t like your accent colour they are easy to remove or replace. It also gives a personal touch to an otherwise characterless room, as it’s best to stick to a minimalist style when dressing a small space. Minimise clutter and try and store everything behind closed doors – though saying that having exposed shelves will add space to a small room.

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