Content considerations

Getting a website designed for your business can be an easy task if you know where to go. There a number of reputable web design companies out there and freelancers willing to give the job a go at a reasonable price. However what you want to make sure you do is consider your content before hiring your chosen company or individual.

Some companies will require you to provide your own content, which is great sometimes because you might just have a passion for words. However you may not and if you don’t you are going to struggle to really get the words down on paper that you want your customers to read. Even people who are really great with grammar and getting their point across may struggle with the content for a website because website writing is quite a difficult task when there are keywords and other things to consider.

The best web design companies will be able to provide guidance to you when writing your own content, or provide someone to do the content for you, with some input from yourself of course. This is the best solution otherwise you may find yourself paying for an outsourced copywriter to write your website content, costing you even more money.

The things you have to consider when writing content for your site is the length of content and the originality of the content. If your site is content rich and very specific to your business then you should be ok but thin content is penalised by search engines, especially if it is automatically generated or sourced from other places on the web.

So if you have ready made content from your existing site, are happy to write the content yourself or know someone who knows what they are doing then using web designers who don’t deal with content is fine. However if you need guidance or someone to do new content for your site make sure you source the right company for the job.

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