Boosting eCommerce prospects through design

Smart design is all about understanding the industry and what it wants at any given time. This can change drastically from year to year so its best to keep up to date with all the trends in the web design industry so you know what will work for you.

Boosting your eCommerce prospects is obviously the ultimate goal of any website supporting eCommerce. You want to make money for your business and you want the website to help with this. These are the trends that a lot of design companies are now using to help achieve this goal so you know what to look out for.

First of all you should noticed that flat design is in. What do we mean by flat design? Well this design method uses a series of simple colours, shapes and lines to create something thats smooth and clear to navigate. Its minimalist in appearance and often uses whites and greys well with small amounts of colour to train the eye of the user. This has been developed further through something called material design. Its flat design with additional colours to enhance users to shop. There is a lot of psychology involved with this and its been found that oranges and reds are known to  prompt purchases from website users.

Within the trend for flat design is the trend for minimalist buttons. These are things like ghost buttons that can be used for any type of button and any type of action; browsing, shopping, sharing etc. They don’t interrupt the overall design of the page and they are perfect for sleek, uninterrupted layouts on your site.

Full page background images are also very prominent in web design these days. Used well they blend into the shopping experience and help allow the site to look and feel less cluttered. HD images that blend well with your website niche will be the thing you want from your web design company so make sure you get it.

Mobile optimisation is something that needs to be carried out on all sites, regardless of whether they are eCommerce based or not, but its vital that eCommerce sites work well on tablets and mobiles because around half of your customers will be visiting the site on these devices.

Card design is nothing new but its being used more because of how well it works for mobile optimisation. This allows for small bits of information about a product to be shown in an almost business card type way, alongside an image and some buttons (read more, buy, options etc) and its an easy way for people to find what they need quickly and effectively.


These trends will help boost your eCommerce prospects so make sure any web design company you use can help implement these, or look out for them on the portfolio of shortlisted web design companies when you are looking out for one.

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