5 tips for designing a great company logo

Want to create a logo for your business but not sure where to start? Take a look at these tips before arranging your logo design in Leyland.

  1. Make sure it conveys a clear message

You want your logo to accurately represent what your company is about and convey the right message to your target market. You therefore need to consider how font, image and colour will combine together to create something that’s instantly recognisable. And make sure the font can be read easily!

  1. Think about colour

Will your chosen colours make your logo eyecatching and exciting? What will your customers think about when they look at it? If your logo features multiple colours, will they stand out against each other?

It’s also best to stay away from colour combinations that people immediately associate with big-name brands, especially if you’re in the same industry; you don’t want customers or clients to get confused.

  1. Try and make it unique

You need to check there’s nothing else out there that’s quite like your logo. Try and think outside the box, and don’t immediately choose the most obvious image or colours.

  1. Consider scale

Your logo might look great when enlarged and sat above your shop, but what about on a desktop or mobile? It needs to be something that people can clearly identify regardless of what size it is.

  1. Keep things simple

Don’t overcomplicate your logo design by adding too many colours, images and words, because this will dilute the message it’s trying to convey. It may be clichéd but in this instance, less definitely is more.

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