3 reasons why print is still important in today’s digital world

Wondering why the practise of printing still exists today, despite the fact that we’ve developed so many ways of communicating digitally? Even though we’ve swapped letter writing for texts, emails and WhatsApp messages, print is yet to become obsolete.

Whether you need printing in Preston or elsewhere in the country, here’s why most companies still use it.

  1. Print is more difficult to ignore an actual letter

You likely receive quite a few emails a day, a lot of which probably end up clogging your spam folder. Even if you trust the sender, you’re unlikely to open every single one that lands in your inbox.

However, it’s much harder to ignore a letter that you have to open by hand. It can be almost exciting to receive something that has your name on it – after all, who knows what may be inside?

What’s more is that some form of action is required when dealing with a printed letter or flyer. Whether you read it or throw it away, you’re acknowledging it exists just by picking it up.

  1. A way of demonstrating your effort

It takes more effort to design and produce hard copies, so if a company has taken the time to do so, it shows they have gone the extra mile to address you. This can make you feel more appreciated as a customer or client, as opposed to an afterthought.

  1. Print is more eyecatching

With so many pop ups and spam emails to contend with whenever we use the internet, our brains seem to go into instant filter mode when viewing ads online. On the other hand, it can be hard not to notice that colourful poster in the shop window with the interesting font, or the flyer with the thought-provoking image that’s been pushed through your letter box.

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