10 Quick Tips About SEO

Search engine optimisation is important for building website traffic. Search engine optimisation is and has always been complex at the best of times. Just when you think you can understand the ranking algorithm it changes. For example with the different google ranking algorithm programs like panda and hummingbird. This is why we have created 10 quick tips to help you understand how you can improve your SEO.

1. SEO Keywords:

If you want to be found for certain keywords it is important to use those keywords in your site’s content. You are looking to add keywords that are likely to receive high search queries which will, therefore, rank your page highly for the keywords relevant to your business.

2. Consistent Theme:

Search engines look for a consistent theme within a website. This tells google that the website is relevant and reliable.

3. Linking:

Although there are debates about the effectiveness of link building, backlinks are effective. The more reputable the back link the better. So 1 backlink from a trusted and reliable brand could be worth 10 times more than 100 backlinks from unknown sources. The more back links available the more content added to a site and the more channels to reach a site. So overall links are a positive SEO strategy.

4. Page Speed:

This is a critical factor when considering SEO. A quick page can be achieved through condensing coding. Customers will react better to fast page uploads and so will search engines in terms of ranking.

5. The 3Rs:

The 3Rs stand for relevance, recent and reliable. Search engines like webpage’s to be highly relevant. If a search term is for women’s shoes then search engines will rank terms that continuously mention women’s shoes. As for recent, search engine will rank web pages that have maintained and fresh content. If content is continuously maintained and updated this highlights the company is active and the content is relevant as it is up to date. Finally, reliability is determined as google has a tendency to rank based on web page history. If a web page is reliable and trustworthy then search engines will want to have that web page on its first page.

6. Brand Mentions:

The mentioning of your brand is again another positive in terms of SEO. If your brand is mentioned in a good light across social media, blogs or web pages this will show relevance and reliability.

7. Write Like A Human:

Search engines like content to have a personality and originality so does the reader. This gives your brand a personality that can be understood my customers and ensure your relationship and their understanding of your business.

8. Website Analytics:

Web analytics are an effective form of understanding who is visiting your website. This allows you to understand who your audience is, the duration of their visit and if the visits are going on to other web pages from the original one they entered.

9. Relevant Meta Descriptions:

Your meta description is the little snippets of the information below your headline and URL in the organic rankings. This gives a short description of what the web page is about. This information is read by the viewer and the meta description is effective in google ranking. This is important when considering SEO.

10. Social Signals:

The introducing of social media has meant that there are other channels to reach your website. Your social media page is an effective link to your website also social media can create discussion about your brand.

Overall search engine optimisation creates organic visibility of your business.  intangible value and can be the difference between two similar products and make you unique from your competition. Search engine optimisation services in Leyland are examples of where you can receive Search engine optimisation to support your business.

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